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Product Description

Our factory manufactures all kinds of automatic sliding doors, revo ing doors etc. in good quality.

PAD2006 Telescopic sliding door operator

The eclipsed opening style, make passageway 1.5 times width than general sliding doors without increasing the width of door opening. The specific design driving unit makes outside door leaves move faster than inside door leaves, thus they can arrive the door pillar at the same time. Usage occasion: places in need of large channel such as automobile showroom, airport, and market etc.
Technical Data
 Clear opening width  1200~4000mm
 Opening way  one-way(double leaf) or two-way(four leaf)
 Max. passage height  2500mm
 Max. weight of door leaves  4*125kg
 Opening speed  100~500mm/s (adjustable)
 Closing speed  100~500mm/s (adjustable)
 Creeping speed  30~100mm/s (adjustable)
 Hold-open time  0~9s
 Ambient temperature  -25℃~50℃
 Main power supply  110~260V, 50/60Hz
 Current  0.6A
 Motor Power  80W
 Power at leisure  14W
 Track length  4200mm, 6000mm

Why choosing our products & What are our advantages

1) Wide voltage range (AC110-260v);

2) Low power consumption when at work (160W), energy saving when at leisure (14w);

3) Intelligent design, easy to install and adjust;

4) Digitalized programs, running parameters can be revised with the hand-held terminal easily;

5) Specially designed noise-reduction track rail produces less noise, ensures the rollers to run smoothly;

6) Advanced brushless DC motor and the geared worm are integrated together, which has advantages such as higher efficiency, larger torque and longer life span, no need of mechanical lock;

7) Different triggering modes are available;

8) The motor can lock automatically if there is no triggering signal. The powerful closing force keeps the    door shut fast. (with power on);

9) Different surface paintings are available;

10) Accessories are free for initial customers;

11) 1 millions times of tests passed.