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product arrow FLOOR HINGE GEZE TS 500

TS 500 NV / TS 500 N EN3

GEZE Floor Spring TS 500 NV / TS 500 N EN3

TS 500 NV / TS 500 N EN3 – Compact floor spring for smaller swing and double action doors

The TS 500 NV and TS 500 N EN3 versions are two floor springs for use with doors with a maximum available leaf width of 1100 mm. The very low overall height of just 42 mm is a welcome benefit for both new building and renovation projects. The two versions used in combination with GEZE glass clamping fittings enable simple and cost-effective, yet optically very attractive, all-glass double action doors to be implemented in both commercial and private settings.

Product features

  • Fixed opening buffer
  • End stop and closing speed can be adjusted
  • Can be used with both swing and double action doors
  • All settings can be made from above
  • Optional: Door can be opened beyond the hold-open device; extended axis of up to 50 mm

Product features of TS 500 NV

  • Floor spring TS 500 NV for doors with up to 1100 mm leaf widths
  • Closing force, infinitely adjustable size EN 1-4

Product features of TS 500 N EN3

  • Floor spring TS 500 N EN3 for doors with up to 950 mm leaf widths
  • Fixed closing force size EN 3

Floor springs

  TS 500 NV  

  TS 500 N EN3  

TS 23

Closing force

1 - 4



Approval for fire and smoke protection doors




Door leaf width [mm]

≤ 1100

≤ 950

≤ 850 / 1.100 / 1.250

Door leaf weight [kg]

≤ 150

≤ 100

≤ 250

Functions and Settings

Closing force can be continuously adjusted




Back check




Latching action




Adjustable closing speed




Optical large display




Hold open poistion can be overridden

 , mechan.

 , mechan.

 , hydraul.

Integrated smoke switch




Freeswing function




   yes       no      optional
* for non hold open versions