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product arrow FLOOR HINGE GEZE TS 550

TS 550 NV

GEZE Floor Spring TS 550 NV

TS 550 NV – Universal floor spring for very frequently used and heavy doors

The newly developed TS 550 NV floor spring was specifically further developed in order to accommodate heavy single leaf swing and double action doors with maximum leaf weights of up to 300 kg. The versatility and robust nature of the TS 550 NV means that it is ideal for use in areas that are used frequently, for example, office complexes and house entrances. Reinforced, high-quality cover plates ensure that it will still look fantastic even after many years of use.

Product features

  • Floor spring TS 550 NV for leaf widths of up to 1400 mm
  • Closing force infinitely adjustable EN 3-6 – an advantage in the event of wind load or heavy door leaves
  • Flexible and adaptable thanks to the infinitely adjustable hold-open device through 80°-165°, can be activated and deactivated
  • Fixed opening buffer
  • End stop and closing speed can be adjusted
  • All settings can conveniently be accessed and adjusted from the top when installed
  • Long-life, tested for over a million opening and closing cycles

Floor springs

TS 550 NV

TS 550 E

TS 550 E-G

TS 550 F-G

Closing force

3 - 6

3 - 6

3 - 6

3 - 6

Approval for fire and smoke protection doors





Door leaf width [mm]

≤ 1400

≤ 1400

≤ 1400

≤ 1400

Door leaf weight [kg]

≤ 300

≤ 250

≤ 250

≤ 250

Functions and Settings 

Closing force can be continuously adjusted





Back check





Latching action





Adjustable closing speed





Optical large display





Hold open poistion can be overridden

 , hydraul.

 , electr.

 , electr.


Integrated smoke switch





Freeswing function





   yes       no      optional