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Telescopic electromechanical rams for swing gates

Up to 4,5m

LOOK is the range of swing gate with telescopic rams for leafs up to 4,5m.

They're available in 230V and 24V, for a residential and collective usage.

LOOK operators are furnished with two different strokes: 320mm or 520mm.

The rod cover (optional) can cover the telescopic stainless steel made rod for greater protection and firmness.

Completing the installation with control boards of DE@NET range, provides maximum security and complies the European Norms EN12453 and EN12445 also for 230V versions, thanks to the encoder.

Other features:

  • Self-locking operators
  • Versions  in 230V with encoder, for a complete managing of the position  (art. 351EN/SCart. 355/EN)
  • Internal terminal block, for faster connection to the control board and the encoder
  • Versions with built-in limit switches in opening and closing (easy to adjust)
  • Can be installed on doors in slope by using the adapter kit (optional)


Product in conformity with European rules Operator with Encoder for position management and obstacles detection 3 years warranty Residential Collective